Proud of quality hot spring directly from the source,the hotel overlooks Lake Chuzenji, surrounded by the vast nature of Okunikko.

Guest Rooms

  • Japanese modern room with Open air bath
  • Jacuzzi Semi-open-air modern Japanese rooms
  • Nagomi palace Guestroom 1F with Viewbath
  • Nagomi palace Guestroom 2F with Viewbath
  • Japanese modern room
  • Japanese room with sunken kotatsu

Japanese room with sunken kotatsu

Please try to move put the mouse in the photo

Because I spend with loved ones time,leisurely relaxing space

Room with sunken kotatsu feel nostalgia.
The doze that is comfortable under the warm wood leak.
The space of the calm sum reminds of the hometown of the heart that forgot…

There is a bond deepened with important people without minding because it is the room which can relax.
The room where is most suitable for a group and families.

Japanese room(capacity 5 people):
Japanese room 10pledge+sunken kotatsu/11rooms
Japanese room(capacity 4 people):
Japanese room 8pledge+sunken kotatsu/4rooms

※ The hot water of the bath of the room is not a hot spring

Japanese room with sunken kotatsu Reserve this room